Plus eyes in young children

Plus eyes or difficulty seeing objects at close range can happen to anyone. Plus eyes generally occur in older people. But did you know that plus eyes are also not uncommon for children? Plus eyes are also called farsightedness (hypermetropia). Sufferers can see distant objects clearly, but close objects actually look faint. Plus eyes are often afflicted by adults who are over the age of 40 years, but there are also small children who have been affected by this visual impairment. How Does Eye Plus Happen? Plus eyes occur when the eyeball is too short, the cornea is less curved or too flat, or the lens of the eye cannot focus properly. Therefore, the light that should fall right on the retina is focused behind the retina so that making objects that are close to look blurry. The exact cause of why these things can happen is not yet known, but a family history of influence. Some babies and children suffer from plus eyes. This is normal, usually without significant symptoms and will
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